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Paint Systems


  • Phenolic Paint Systems
  • Multi coat Epoxy Systems
  • Polysiloxane Coatings
  • Tank Linings
  • Water Based Marine and Nuclear coatings
  • Antifouling Paint systems
  • Subsea Epoxy systems


With over 42 years in the preparation and application of wet paint systems we have experience in the processes and techniques of a wide range of paint products and their specific applications. Wet paint systems are employed for both anti corrosion protection and for cosmetic finish purposes from single coat primer applications to multi-coat two-pack systems. Hi-build two-pack system will offer long life corrosion protection in excess of 20 years in the harshest of environments.


We draw from an extensive range of paint manufactures producing polyurethane and epoxy systems that can provide protection in temperatures from â��30°C up to 400°C from splash zone and immersed or sub-sea conditions to desert and aggressive industrial environments.


Specialist paint Systems are specified such as

This NORSOK standard gives the requirements for the selection of coating materials, surface preparation, application procedures and inspection for protective coatings to be applied during the construction and installation of offshore installations and associated facilities.

This NORSOK standard cover paints, metallic coatings and application of spray-on passive fire protective coatings.


The aim of this NORSOK standard is to obtain a coating system, which ensures

  • optimal protection of the installation with a minimum need for maintenance
  • that the coating system is maintenance friendly
  • that the coating system is application friendly
  • that health, safety and environmental impacts are evaluated and documented.


This NORSOK standard is not applicable to pipelines and pipeline risers.


Our applicators are trained to the requirements of the Norsok M501 standard on various systems and have passed rigorous practical and theoretical testing to ensure specification compliance. Records are available for our operators and Inspectors giving the customer the confidence that the contract is dealt with by professionals and in a professional manner.

We have approvals for many major projects around the world and are the preferred suppliers to a number of OEMS in the UK.


We would be more than happy to discuss Project specific requirements


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