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Surface Engineers M/C Ltd are involved in many High profile Projects and have gained approvals for specific coating systems within these technically demanding Specifications.


Johan Sverdrup

Statoil TR0042 (Revision 5/5.01/6)

Incorporating Norsok M501 Edition 6

Coating System 6C

Insulated Stainless Steel & Duplex

Coating System 6A

Un insulated Stainless Steel & Aluminium

Coating System 2A(TSA) Thermally Sprayed Aluminium or Alloys of Aluminium

Coating System 1A

Carbon Steel with maximum operating temperatures <120 oC


BP Exploration

Shah Deniz


Stage II Thermal Insulation Project

Three Coat Epoxy Phenolic Phenguard System



Egina Project

GS EP COR 350 Revision 11

Coating System PO1 I Second

Deck and Equipment

Coating System PO5 I

Galvanised Surfaces

Coating System P11 I

Surfaces subject to High Temperatures


Dalia Project

GS EP COR 350 Revision 11

Coating System PO8I

Jacket Zone 2, Subsea equipment


GE Oil & Gas

INTPT001938 REV 0

Coating System 1H

External areas of Carbon Steel

Coating System 6F

Stainless Steel

Adma- Opco

MNL-01 Rev 3A

PSN 320

PSN 340

PSN 530

Stainless Steel Pipework and Vessels


DEP 30.48.31 Gen 2008

Thermal Spray Coatings of Aluminium and Alloys


A-018090 REV 02

Coating of Subsea equipment with Epoxy Paint Systems

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